Virtual/Hybrid/Live events

The coronavirus pandemic era is a turning point for the way of working for every corporations in the world.

Event management’s future is hybrid: as in “good old times”, with some speakers at your live event, presenting their slides on a big screen in front of a number of delegates in presence.

Meanwhile, other speakers will join in distance, and a larger number of remotely viewers interact easily with the entire event. 

A true hybrid event allows both a live and online audience to view the same content at the same time and also allows both audiences, the speakers and other commentators to interact with one another simultaneously via spoken questions, typed chat and social media channels.

Integrated interaction, discussion and networking are key components of a hybrid event.

It’s easy to understand that a hybrid event is not a “simple” webinar and, indeed, requires a very different technology platform.

A true hybrid event is streamed live to an unlimited number of virtual attendees across high definition (HD) video. This is not done nor is it possible via webinar technology.

But the transition between real, hybrid and virtual events must be made as close as possible to everyone’s reach.

A request for too high a technological commitment could make non-native or simply “less smart digital” – speakers or delegates – move away from the event, even before it begins.

So it’s necessary a fast, easy and friendly platform to set up even for non-experts, and that works with any device, without the need to download apps, additional software or online tools to work …

With a dedicated team of creative, skilled professionals and best in class technology, will support your vision and deliver a seamless event experience, for both your audience – here and anywhere – in the world.

So, can provide for your easy virtual or hybrid event a perfect platform for your needs: PodioBox